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Wilco Properties, LLC      

 375 Averill Ave. Rochester NY 14620     585.454.7143


Standard Tenant Qualification Requirements (Updated 9/2017) 
· Income Requirements:  

· Total household gross income should be at least 3 times the rent per month if none of the utilities (heat) are included. 2 times the monthly rent if utilities (heat) are included. You must provide 1 months’ consecutive proof of income. For example; Most current pay stubs (4 weekly or 2 bi-weekly) or one month of bank statements, showing income. These must be submitted with the application and the $35.00 application fee for interested parties over the age of 18).  Credit & Background checks are mandatory. We require Security Deposit to hold the apartment (first come first serve) and 1st months’ rent at time of lease signing. Lease signings should be scheduled at least 1 week prior to the actual lease signing/move in date, with the office at the telephone number above. All lease signings take place at the office, not at the rental unit.


· Proof of Identity will be required at lease signing.  
o Copy of Driver’s license, or  

o Non-drivers’ id, or

o Copy of passport 
· Personal References review and general character traits (at discretion of Landlord/Property Manager) 
o No evictions within the last 5 years and previous (positive) rental history (parental cosigner may be required otherwise)

o No outstanding utility bills (possible explanation based on situation)

o No judgements  

o If there are any fallacies on your application, it will be denied.  


· Pre-Approval for ANY Pets and a $100.00 pet deposit will be required per approved pet.  

o No breed of dog or any mixes included in the breeds listed below. If you tell us that your dog is a “boxer mix” or “lab mix” you will need to provide veterinary proof of breed. The landlord has the right to change, update, or rescind and of the regulations regarding pets at any time.  

§ American Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull

§ Akitas

§ Chows

§ Dobermans

§ Hybrid Wolves

§ Rottweilers

§ German Shepherds

o No more than 2 small pets, or one large pet in total (depending on the size of the unit and the building, please ask your agent for details 

o No “bite history” for dog(s)

o All animals should be current with vaccinations.  

o All dogs/cats should be spayed or neutered.  

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